Rugrats: “The Magic Baby” (1999): Thoughts

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This story played with the idea of magic beans from Jack and the Beanstalk. The babies are given magic beans in exchange for a toy, but must figure out what to do with them. The wisdom and practicality of growing a beanstalk in the house is questioned, so they make wishes on the beans instead. At some point it is determined that there is a giant around as well. The beans don’t cause quite as much trouble as Jack’s but the modern adventure that they do have is pretty cute!

Rugrats: “Angelica Nose Best” (1997): Thoughts

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In this episode, Angelica lies and thinks that her nose is growing like Pinocchio’s did. The story was cute and had a nice ending. I appreciated that the while there was an obvious lesson from the story, the episode itself did not feel didactic. The babies’ attempts to help Angelica were surprisingly well-reasoned and coherent. I enjoyed the episode more than I expected to!


Strawberry Shortcake: “A Princess Named Rap” (2010): Thoughts

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This was a very unusual version of Rapunzel. Even more interesting, it was completely different from the version of Rapunzel told in the “Berry Fairy Tales” book series, which was also highly unusual. This version had no prince, very present and loving parents, and no wicked witch. Rapunzel was in her tower taking lessons from a tutor on being a proper princess. It actually worked surprisingly well, although it was a very different story from the traditional fairy tale!

Strawberry Shortcake: “Sleeping Beauty” (2010): Thoughts

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This was a surprisingly cute reimagination of the story of Sleeping Beauty. Instead of focusing on the prince and princess, it focused on Brambleberry, the fairy who cast the curse. Instead of portraying her as completely evil, this version focused on the fairy’s motivations and feelings. She curses the baby princess because she is upset and hurt by her belief that she wasn’t invited to the party. It turns out that she was invited and simply never found the invitation in the bramble bushes around her house. When the misunderstanding is finally cleared up, she and the other fairies work together to wake up the sleeping Princess Strawberry Rose. It was an interesting and unusual focus for the story.

Strawberry Shortcake: “Where the Gem Berries Glow” (2010): Thoughts

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In this episode, Strawberry Shortcake returned to Oz for an original adventure. I love that this show didn’t do the “it was all a dream” thing at the end of the forest episode so that they were able to return to Oz fairly reasonably. The adventure itself was a little bit too cutesy and lacking in conflict, however it was reasonably logical in a Strawberry Shortcake sort of way. I’m glad that they returned to Oz and I was extremely pleased to see an original Oz story in a television show!

Strawberry Shortcake: “Toto’s Tale” (2010): Thoughts

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Her shoes are silver! Yay! The Tin Woodsgirl with her peppermint accents is adorable. The “berry brick road” is pretty cute, too. Their Emerald City is very pretty. The visual designs in this episode are fantastic. Pupcake’s voice-over isn’t great, but the story itself is retold very well. The three companions showed that they had plenty of brains and heart and courage and the silver shoes got Strawberry Shortcake home.

Strawberry Shortcake: “The Play’s the Thing” (2008): Thoughts

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This episode of Strawberry Shortcake retold Cinderella. The characters had a hard time being mean to each other but it was decided that the story didn’t work without the evil elements. I was actually rather pleased to see that. Beyond that, a lot of focus was put on the clothes in the story – Strawberryella’s rags, the pretty ballgowns, the glass slippers, even the prince’s crown. The story was nicely done, if a bit didactic, and I enjoyed it.

X-Men Evolution (2000-2001): Thoughts

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This was an amusing series and an interesting retelling of the X-Men story. I enjoyed the focus on the kids’ double lives as public school students and X-Men. There was a surprising amount of overarching plot, however I generally enjoyed the quieter, non-critical episodes to the big, important, earth-shattering ones. Kitty and Jean were easily my favorite characters, but I felt like the show did a good job of developing even minor characters into fairly realistic people.


Hercules: “Genies and Grecians and Geeks, Oh My!” (1998): Thoughts

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This was an episode about Autolycus, the thief, and Salmoneus, the merchant, finding/stealing a magic bottle and getting three wishes from a genie. The genie gives them what they wished for, but not what they wanted, as is common with genie stories. This genie has a twist, though. She’s lonely and imprisons her “masters” in her bottle to keep her company. They escape, of course, and decide to give the genie what she wants. Instead of freeing her so that she can make real friends, however, they give her lots of copies of herself as companions in her bottle. It was odd, although certainly creative.


Superman Shorts (1941): Thoughts

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These were fascinating shorts. Many of them focused on World War II themes – saving a government operative who has been spying on NAZIs so that she can get her into safely to Washington, Japanese spies trying to steal U. S. bomber technology, even a short about Superman systematically sabotaging Japanese military efforts! There were also mad scientists and killer robots, though. A dinosaur even factored into one episode! I liked Lois even though she got kidnapped quite a few times. She was a tough, smart, quick-tongued reporter and definitely wasn’t a willing damsel in distress.

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