Birthday Gift!

I got a birthday gift from Tamay at Eden Enchanted! Isn’t it adorable! Thanks Tamay!

New Contest Entry – Famous Couples

There is a new entry for the Famous Couples contest. It’s the first one! Go check it out!

New Contest! Famous Couples

There is a new contest here at PixiePalace! This time I want dolls of famous couples (not just romantic couples, any couple is fair game). Go check it out!

New Doll Stuff

Yay! New Doll stuff! Ok, first I have nine new stamps from Fractured Fairytales. The doll is a representation of Adialana from Sabrina’s shop at Eden Enchanted. There are also three new entries to the Inhabitants of Neverland contest from Eva. The contest is now closed!

New Doll

This doll was made for a contest at Eden Enchanted run by Amy_Tenchi. There was a table with different types of clothing and different colors. When you decided to enter Amy-Tenchi rolled a series of dice rolls for you to determine what kinds of clothing and what colors your doll would wear! This is my “Doll Through Dice” entry!

New Contest Entries and a New Shop Order

Today I have six new entries in the Inhabitants of Neverland Contest. They are all really cool, so go check them out!

I also have a new shop order from ChynaCat’s Shop at Eden Enchanted. It’s a really cool magic kit to go with the magic book and wand I won! I love it!

Awards Up!

The awards have been posted for the Literary Character Ball Contest! Go check them out! And congratulations to all the winners!

New Contest Entry!

There is a new entry up on the Current Contest Page for the Neverland Contest. It’s a mermaid! She’s cool, so check her out!

Two New Dolls!

Today I have two more dolls from Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke. The first (in white and blue) is Mrs Arabella Strange, the pretty young wife of Jonathan Strange, and the second (in black) is a log of moss-oak pretending to be Mrs Arabella Strange. Don’t ask. It mostly makes sense in the book. Mostly…

Two New Contest Entries!

There are two new contest entries! One in the Literary Character Ball Contest and the other in the Inhabitants of Neverland Contest. Check them out, they are great!

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