New Feature: Gender-Flipped Tales

Prince and PrincessThere’s going to be a new feature up on PixiePalace starting tomorrow! It’s called “Gender-Flipped Tales” and it’s something that I’ve been doing for a long time, as sort of a thought experiment. I think other people might be interested in it, though, so I thought I’d share.

What I’ve been doing is taking traditional stories, fairy tales from Grimm, Perrault, other writers and stories from less well known collections (Celtic fairy tales, Asian tales, African tales, etc.) and rewriting the story with every character the opposite gender. I don’t change anything else, so you’ll find princesses out hunting and climbing towers while princes grow long hair and dance the night away. Obviously in cases like those, the story ends up sounding kind of odd. Some stories turn out pretty well, though. More importantly, the exercise reveals a lot about the characterizations and the gender biases presented in the story.

I’m going to try and put a new story up each week along with my thoughts on how well the experiment worked on that story and what I saw from it. The first one that will go up tomorrow is “Toads and Diamonds”, which is less well known but illustrates the process well. Please feel free to share thoughts with me on the stories or the project itself as I go along!

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