“I Want to Play Her”: Drow Spy

Drow of the UnderdarkI was surprised when this image caught my eye. I’m not usually fond of drow at all. I hate the mythology behind them and the way they have always been portrayed. It’s sickening and horrible. So I assumed I was going to hate this book, cover art and all, just as much. But this cover rocked. It shows a female drow (because male drow aren’t important enough in the Underdark to be on the cover) and she is very unusual! First of all, she’s standing up in a non-sexified pose. I didn’t even know evil drow women know how to do that! Then I was attracted by her outfit. It covers her whole body (again, I had no idea evil drow women wore body-covering clothing, well, ever) and is actually kind of attractive. It’s hard to see in the picture I found on the internet, but if you find a physical copy and look at it, it’s a neat outfit. It’s a really attractive gown that actually looks kind of armor like on top. I’d wear it to a meeting of evil women I didn’t trust not to try and stab me with poisoned sharp things when I wasn’t looking. She’s also holding a crossbow and looking off to her left as if on her guard for something. She’s clearly a competent woman. In a game that took place in the Underdark, I would love to play this woman. I envisioned her as a woman who is wary of everyone and aware that they don’t necessarily have her best interests at heart. Maybe she’s undercover, making it seem like she’s something she’s not. Maybe she’s not even evil, maybe she’s just pretending to be so that she can bring down the power structure from the inside. Or maybe she is, but working with a different faction? Who knows? Whatever she is, she’s not what she seems and so she’s on her guard and prepared to defend herself no matter what. I’d totally play her in a game with the right GM!

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