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The Seven Wise Princesses

I am hosting my first contest! The theme is "The Seven Wise Princesses", which is the title of a medieval Persian epic. In the epic a young shah named Bahram invites seven princesses from seven different countries, all renowned for their wisdom, to come and stay with him for a time. He builds each princess a beautiful pavilion of her very own to serve as her home for the duration of her stay. Each princess adopts a particular color and uses it to decorates her pavilion. The princesses also dress in their chosen colors. The shah formally visits each princess in her pavilion and asks her to tell him why she chose whatever color she did. Each princess tells a story from her native kingdom explaining the significance of her color. For this contest, I would like to see dolls of the seven princesses (or perhaps the shah!). They are listed below with their country and color of choice.

Shah Bahram - Persia
Princess Furaq - India - Black
Princess Humay - Greece - Yellow
Princess Pari - Arabia - Green
Princess Nesrin-Nush - Russia - Red
Princess Azaryun - Morocco - Blue
Princess Yaghma-Naz - China - Sandalwood
Princess Durr-Siti - Persia - White

Example Dolls:


1. The doll must represent one of the princesses, the shah or a combination of the characters.
2. The doll must be your own creation, so no frankendolling, dollmaker dolls or stealing!
3. The doll must be in the form of a transparent .gif file or, if you can't do that, send a .bmp that I can make transparent for you.
4. Email entries to me at
5. Entries will be accepted until March 31 (a week longer if you reserve a spot) and you can enter up to three entries as long as each entry is of a different character.
You must include the following:
Your name
Your site URL (if you have one)
Your doll as either an attachment or a URL
Base Credit
Your email address
Which character/characters you did