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Current Contest: Literary Character Ball

For this contest, I would like to see characters from books dressed up to go to a ball! It can be any character from a book, story, poem or play, but it has to be the version of the character from the book, not from a movie or TV show. That means that Hermione from Harry Potter or Legolas from LOTR is fine, but they can not be the versions from the movies. Fairy tale characters are fair game, but they can not be in the ballgowns from movies (e.g. no Cinderellas in the gown from the Disney movie - although other blue gowns are fine). They must be dressed up for a ball in whatever style seems appropriate for them. My example is Dorothy from the later Oz books, after she becomes a princess of Oz. Any character is fine with me as long as it is from a book! I can't wait to see literary characters all dressed up for a fancy ball! Example Doll:


1. The doll must represent a character or set of characters from a book.
2. The doll must be your own creation, so no frankendolling, dollmaker dolls or stealing! And please don't use any Rion Vernon inspired bases.
3. The doll must be in the form of a transparent .gif file or, if you can't do that, send a .bmp that I can make transparent for you.
4. Email entries to me at
5. Entries will be accepted until April 30 (a week longer if you reserve a spot) and you can enter up to three entries as long as each entry is of a different character.
You must include the following:
Your name
Your site URL (if you have one)
Your doll as either an attachment or a URL
Base Credit
Your email address
Which character/characters you did