Prophesies and Choices

This is reference information from my current Dungeons and Dragons Campaign, "Prophesies and Choices". More things will be added as the campaign continues.

Player Characters:

Lyle Gell (Ben):
In a crowd, Lyle's blonde head tends to hover above the others as he weaves smoothly but chaotically through the throng. His neutral expression wavers somewhere around a half-smirk, as if only he sees the bird living in your hair, but he's happy to stop and talk all the same, and certainly too polite to mention it. When genuinely amused, he laughs loudly and ignores the looks of others. His round, slightly weathered face could belong to many races if it weren't perched atop a clearly human body. Within human lands, he could come from nearly anywhere, though he looks like the product of the northern regions. In public, Lyle is often found in garish attire at one of the many dockside taverns, dice, cards, or ale in hand. By turns poor as a temple rat and flush with cash, Lyle appears and disappears at a whim, often returning with wild tales of adventure.

Morningglory (Eva):
Morning Glory stands slightly taller than the average half-elf, though the rest of her new found "friends" tend to tower over her. She always wears her holy symbol of Kelemvor prominently displayed on a chain around her neck. Her slight build is obvious even when she's wearing armor and it should come as no surprise to anyone that she never carriers any melee weapon to speak of. When she is dressed for adventuring her wavy brown hair is pulled back in a braid and a light crossbow is slung over her backpack (full of eminently useful stuff). Morn tends to stand out among other people because of her half elven blood, but she never seems to notices the odd stares that tend to follow her and often linger on her holy symbol.

Teves (Alan):
Teves is a tall, gangly human. While neither the most dextrous of men, nor the strongest, he is clearly strong and dextrous. Teves is visibly comfortable with his body and its capabilities. Indeed, he moves so comfortably that his ability to move with sudden force can be surprising. Teves wears his hair in a very short utilitarian style verging on a buzz. He has dark eyes. Teves skin is darkly tanned, the sort of tan you only get from years of working in the sun. When his less tanned skin is visible, it is the slightly darker skin of the island people to the north

Dorian Nailo (Abby):
Dorian is a tall female elf (6 feet) with shoulder length hair and green eyes. She is a practicing druid from the mountains - quite young to leave home. However, her parent's were encouraging and allowed her to venture out on her own at the age of 125. She travels with her wolf companion whos name is "Wolfie". And although they seem rather talkative with each other, Dorian is quite shy around humans.

Non-Player Characters:

The Fairy Queen
Lalia (The Gray Lady) - The Queen's primary lady-in-waiting
Lord Nuntio - Elven lord who has hired the player characters
Lady Ancilla - An elven woman who dined with Lord Nuntio and the player characters
Lar - A Fairy Scholar
Far Darrig - An old man the player characters met in the Fairy Queen's library
The Fairy King
Barquest - The hound that can always be found at the Fairy King's feet
Robin - The King's right hand man
Viviane - A Fairy woman in the King's court who seems to have a relationship with Robin
Dullahan - A former god of death
Maeve - A Fairy warrior woman
Arianna - A Fairy woman from the King's court that Lyle has been spending a lot of time with
Vouivre - The dragon matriarch
Aura - The dragon matriarch's granddaughter, the golden child
The Gray King
The Ice Maiden - A friend of the Queen's who lives on the top of Mt. Stormwind
Etila - An assistant of the Ice Maiden
Brunto - A dwarven guide from the Ice Maiden's palace
Lorn - A dwarven guide in the workshops
Barake - A dwarven administrator in the workshops
Margot (The Black Lady) - The eldest of three Fairy sisters and mother of one of the original half-fey who left (Illat)
The Red Lady - The middle of three Fairy sisters
The White Lady - The youngest of three Fairy sisters who was recently punished for killing a mortal man
Illat - Margot's long dead half-fey child, a decendent of the elves
Julianna - A Fairy whose mortal lover was killed by the White Lady
Tisaniere - A sweet old Fairy woman that the player characters have visited a few times
Tarena - The "Bloody Queen" who long ago lost in battle with the Fairy King

Mortal Realm:
Lord Nuntio's Servants:
Doorman - Dwarf
Maids - One human and one gnome
Secretary - Elven woman
Torin - The blacksmith who is the leader of a small settlement (see A on map)
Marius - A shipping agent.
Lucius - Marius's buisness partner.
Master Torlen - The master of Teves' monestary
Captain Marell - A sea captian
Captain Starr - Another sea captian
Hardig - A very old dragon living in elven lands

The Prophesy

Mortal World Map:
Adrigal: The largest port city in the country and the city where the characters began the game.
A: A small settlement of farmers and craftsmen residing on land owned by Lord Nuntio
B: A very old cave that does not seem to have been formed naturally where the characters travelled to retrieve a statue for Lord Nuntio.

Faerie World Map:

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