Pixel Dollz

1. You may not edit, re-color or frankendoll my dolls without prior permission from me.
2. You may not pass my dolls off as your own work.
3. You may use my dolls for signatures, etc. as long as proper credit is given to me and the signature rose symbol is not removed.
4. You may make dolls inspired by mine (similar clothing, etc.), but do not trace my dolls. If you make a doll inspired by mine, I would love to see it!
5. You may not direct link to my dolls. Save them on your own website. Stealing bandwidth is not polite.
6. You are welcome to adopt dolls (unless the page or doll is labeled otherwise), but you must provide a link back to my site, http://www.pixiepalace.com , somewhere on the same page as the doll (it does not have to be beside the doll).

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