Lee White

Druscilla’s Halloween
Sally M. Walker
illustrated by Lee White
2009 (Carolrhoda/Lerner)

Did you know that witches haven’t always flown on broomsticks? They used to tiptop around casting their spells! But one witch had old, creaky knees that gave her away. She had to think of a new way to sneak around on Halloween. So she took her cat and her jack-o-lantern and began searching for a solution! After trying a donkey (who wouldn’t cooperate), a wagon (that crashed) and wings (that melted in the rain), Druscilla had to start thinking more creatively. That’s when the broomstick came into the picture…

Druscilla’s Halloween by Sally M. Walker and illustrated by Lee White is a funny and full of Halloween fun. The different solutions Druscilla tries are each presented as totally possible (and some even partially succeed). Each failure is presented in a funny and entertaining way so that kids will both laugh throughout the story and root for Druscilla to find an answer that works. This is the kind of book that would make a great read aloud for preschoolers and toddlers. The pacing is perfect for reading aloud with a group, but this would make a great Halloween lap read as well.

The art in this book is extremely appealing. It is entirely done in a fall palette of oranges, yellows and browns, which feels warm and soft. The characters are cartoony and even the witch’s face with it’s green complexion, long nose and pointy chin is inviting. I love the endpapers, which have framed portraits of different witches, each with a plaque beneath stating what that witch was famous for (nicest cats, biggest nose wart, best batwing stew, etc.). They are the kinds of endpapers that kids love to pour over!

There are a lot of great Halloween books out there, but Druscilla’s Halloween is a worthy addition to any Halloween picture book collection. It’s a fun story with an interesting and entertaining plot, good writing for a read aloud and great illustrations!

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