Challenge Dolls

Please read the rules. These dolls are not adoptable from this page. Thanks! Enjoy!

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Teddy bear base from Cathie’s Crazie Creations

Challenge Dolls:
Challenges from Eden Enchanted
Challenge 15: Alter-ego

Challenge 16: Pixel Sword

Challenge 17: Base Edit
Challenge 18: Simplicity and Complexity
Challenge 19: The Scottish Touch

Challenge 20: Movie Mania
Challenges from Fractured Fairytales

March 2005 Base Edit Challenge
March 2005 Member Challenge: Easter Eggs
April 2005 Base Edit Challenge
April 2005 Member Challenge: Sleepover
Holiday Mini Challenge 1: National Siblings Day (April 10)
Princess Challenge from Pixie Wildflower: Amy Brown Art
Holiday Mini Challenge 2: National Hairstyle Appreciation Day (April 30)
Challenges from Dolls of the Round Table
Challenge 1: Easter Icons
Challenge 2: April Fool

Challenge 3: Your Funniest Doll