Prophesies and Choices

The Prophesy

In the year of alignment
They will be found
All in the city by the sea
Each apart in manner and place.

The suspicious weasel who sneaks about,
The antlered child of natureís joy,
The tiny handmaiden of glorious death,
The dark student of the northern isle.

They will come together
As one of many
To find the power that
Will unite the Kingdom.

The power of ancients
Will be found in the hands
of the Golden Child,
Third daughter of the third house.

The power of the earth and sky
Held in a melody older than time,
The Music of Ages
Held in menís hands.

The living stories of long-lost sheep
Can reunite a family divided
When they have found
News of the Lost Flock.

He who remains can be stopped
When she who holds him,
The Bloody Queen,
Is removed from her throne.

Four will discover these
Four stores of power,
And to whom they are given
Will rule the Kingdom ever more.