Current Events

This is a page of reference material for Michael’s Shadowrun campaign, “Current Events”.

Player Characters:

Lady Jane (Katie):

Lady Jane (whose real name is Charlotte Johnson) is a young shaman. Her totem is the moon, so her powers relate to water and night. She dresses in mostly black and always has cargo pants with big pockets. There is always a book (often in another language) in her pocket and she pulls it out to read frequently. She has long brown hair always pulled back in a pony tale.

Ref (Alan):

Ref is a German ex-military street sam. He’s very good at what he does. He has brown hair in a buzz cut and is tall. He dresses in armor for battle, but otherwise can usually be found in jeans and t-shirts.

Derek (Ben):

Derek is the face in the group. He’s a little scruffy but dresses very nicely. He knows a little bit about just about everything.

Herbert (Brian):

Herbert is the rigger. He has lots of toys and comes from money, but his attention span tends to be short. That said, he is very good at getting into systems he probably shouldn’t be able to access. He has short brown hair and dresses quite well.

Bianca Ombra (Kathleen):

Bianca is an adept and a damn good sniper. She has short white hair and generally looks like someone you shouldn’t mess with. She is very good to have around in a fight and has excellent stealth skills. She could as easily be a spy as a soldier.

Non-Player Characters:

Gabel: Our fixer, famous in his own little illegal way.

Other Resources:

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