Get Growin’

The Book of Pooh

“Greenhorn With a Green Thumb”

Every vine upon the wall,
Had to somehow learn to crawl,
By starting out real small,
With just a little bounce!

You take it nice and slow,
And steady as you go!

And soon you’re ready to grow
In huge amounts!

On your mark,
Get set,
Now you better get growin’!
All the soil’s wet,
And the sunshine’s showin’!

There�s a time to reap,

And a time to sow,
But no time to sleep!
Get up and get growin’!
No time for sleepin’!
Get up and get growin’!

Snap to it, little sprig!
Chop chop, little twig!
How you ever, ever gonna’ get big

Without a wiggle and a bounce?

Now the time is right,
So you gotta get growin’!
You gotta earn your stripes
While the pod is blowin’!

There’s a time to rake,
And a time to hoe!
Little seeds awake

And get up and get growin’!
Little seeds awake
And get up and get growin’!

If you try with all your heart,
Then you never know,
Why, even friendships could
Start to get growin’!