House of Mouse Sponsors

These are the “sponsored by” messages from the end of each episode. The titles are the names of the episodes each ad comes from. Ok, Mic! Take us outta here!

Jimminy Cricket

Temporary employment services for the House of Mouse provided by Pain and Panic. Wreaking havoc is our business! We can turn gods mortal and we can copy, collate and staple! You’ve tried the worst, now try the cursed! We guarantee not to fail!
*Not a guarantee, Pain and Panic may fail.

The Mouse Who Came to Dinner

House of Mouse review courtesy of Lumiere’s Dining By Candlelight! Looking for a romantic cafe, or a tip on a cozy bistro (without the angry villagers)? Lumiere reviews everything from the friendliest of honey tasting events to the maddest of tea parties! It’s Lumiere’s Dining By Candlelight – he’s been their guest, now see if they pass his test!
*Lumiere does not review restaurants under the sea.

Everybody Loves Mickey

Today’s show was brought to you by Donald Duck, actor since 1933 with experience in roles such as Romantic Leading Man, Comic Relief and Action Hero! Donald Duck: the fowl for all seasons!
*Caution: Actor prone to temper tantrums and hissy fits.

Super Goof

Today’s goofiness was provided by Goofy University. Yes, at Goofy U. our students learn all the necessary skills to be world class goofs such as:
- falling down
- getting up, then falling down
- falling down, getting up, then falling down some more
And all our graduates learn the trademark goofy yell – ‘Wa-ha-hooiee!’ So, when you’re ready to get goofy, go to Goofy U!
*Not responsible for bruises, contusions or broken bones.

Suddenly Hades

Heating services for the House of Mouse provided by Hades, the oldest name in underfloor furnaces and heating! Don’t eternally torment yourself with inferior companies – let our trained tormentors do it for you! Bad credit? No credit? No problem! Hades has terms to fit any budget! “So long as it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, who cares about a soul?” Hades Heating – it’s not just the heat, it’s the humanity!
*Contract with Hades is ironclad in perpetuity throughout the universe. Actual amount of heat may vary, may not be combined with other offers, participating locations only, void where inhibited by mortal laws.

Pete’s One Man Show

Competition for the House of Mouse has been provided by The Peteladium! Featuring fine food by Pete, dancing by Pete, and entertainment by Pete. Conveniently located in the bustling heart of Petesburg. The Peteladium, it’s the Peteiest place on Earth!
*The Peteladium no longer open due to lack of audience.

Chip ‘n’ Dale

Storage for the House of Mouse provided by Chip and Dale! Those cheery, chubby-cheeked chipmunks who’ve been squirrelling things away for years. Let these two furry fellows store your sports equipment for the winter, your winter clothing for the summer, or anything else you’re not using! Yes, keep your stuff stored with our nutty low prices and tree house service!
*Warning: Salesmen may empty your bird feeder.

Pluto vs. Figaro

Today’s show was brought to you buy dog’s best friend, Fire Hydrants! Yes, your spotty little pal who loves to put out fires! Conveniently located on every street corner and chock full of vitamin H2O! Available in red or yellow, and try the new Fire Hydrant for girls! Fire Hydrants, from the makers of Manhole Covers.
*No cats allowed.

Mickey vs. Shelby

Babysitting services for the House of Mouse provided by Donald Duck! Where your toddlers are treated to the best care around! No baby’s too big, or too strong, ’cause Donald’s alrighty with the mighty! He’s stern when he has to be, not afraid of messes, and always helpful to your young ones. Yes, Donald’s Babysitting Service, he’s the dapper duck with a dandy diaper demeanour!
*Amount of dapper dandiness may vary.

House of Villains

Tonight’s musical guest was supposed to be the 7 Deadly Singers – Hades, Jafar, Hook, Cruella de Vil and more! They will rock your world! Keep your eye out for the dangerous, but lovely, Femme Fate-als! And the opening band you demanded – Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Doom! The 7 Deadly Singers! This is one concert to die for!
*Beware of ticket scalping ghosts.